Work like Supermom and believe like Abiding mom

For the last couple of days, I was tickled by a comparison between Super Woman vs Abiding Woman. Then after talking to him, the things that I can’t articulate suddenly pop out! I wonder why to be “supermom” has to have negative side rather than just being positive about it. It’s a work, crazy pants tiring that must be. I read about some great woman I can call them “supermom” are very sincere people, not superficial. So who are they to nickname “Supermom” is all about faking for fame? I find myself looking into the mirror but something is telling me it just doesn’t feel right! There’s something I need to ask guidance from honey. I rarely asking guidance in writing my bloq, but sometimes when I feel something that I most likely are not capable to either understand something behind what’s is seen physically (spoken language aka words/writing), or I’m not sure whether what I’m thinking or I what want to share is something good or not, then for sure I ask honey. My very best teacher in life.


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I was thinking to make a comparison, I came up with one, but then, I do not feel like I was heading toward that direction and it just doesn’t sound right to my heart. And I feel something I can’t put together to be applicable to myself and the women in our family. Then I chat with honey, I sent him the list of Supermom vs abiding mom and asked him to check it and if it has issue with our faith “Islam” and if that is the way how woman especially mother in Islam can reach their highest? Then he completely turn my head again, to see what’s wrong with the list I made. I just can’t connect the missing things, the missing parts, and now I know why (not that I don’t know about this matter, but this is the matter that I’m still struggling to this very moment to be success in being a woman/mom both for worldy life and for Akhira!).

After he explain in detail to me, (I’m drooling, coz it’s so juicy and delicious what he told me).Then Aha!! I feel like Winnie The Pooh just popped out of my head, a light is on on top of my head, lol! I see why and I understand how. He said, I just can’t compare Supermom and Abiding Mom because they are the best form of way how woman especially mom can perform! Great! I think I can make peace with myself and have a clearer path now (I’m now cutting of bushes and thorn out of my way, Ouch!, oh you can’t imagine, how bushy and thorny the path that I made so far).

So, It’s useless to make comparison, It’s hard to break it down, rather best to put them together because both combination are the best way to achieve the best in what we women, mom can be. And on top of that, making list are meaningless, because people always find excuses for how they live, and we can’t start making women to fit into boxes or limit and size of list.

Honey said: “Work like you live forever and pray like you die tomorrow that is kinda same as work like supermom and believe like abiding mom”

I’m not gonna show you my list of comparison between Supermom vs Abiding mom. It’s ridiculous. But I decided to share you what enlightenment I get from my Honey.

He said:

“we are supposed to be examples and not someone who tell people what to do”

“I must do and be supermom and abiding mom at the same time”

“I must become both of those without the negative sides of both”

“ be supermom because its more effective and don’t care what people think but care what Allah thinks”

Then I was drifting to talk about how I see him in my life and whether what I see is wrong in translation to my brain so we talk more about abiding person.

He said: “I do attach to this world but only in the things that has real purpose for my life and my future and not because what is expected of me. Everything we own we need, and if we are lucky we can even have some fun with those things. But fun by itself is not enough. If we only have fun but don’t really need it then we should not have it. That’s the true Islam. That was how the Prophet lived his life. He only had what he needed, same with his wives and the best of Sahaba.

The best way to BE a good Muslim is to DO what you are supposed to do. And we all know what we are supposed to do but we just don’t do it. Because we keep finding excuses not to do them. The more iman you have the less excuse you find. You can only know your iman by how much you do what Allah wants. Because more iman makes it harder to avoid doing what Allah wants.

I’m now closing this beautiful another awakening day (more to reminder) and this self talking and continuing cutting of bushes and thorns out of my path and prepare an intelligent working brain to do a woman/mom’s duty (sleeve off! Psstt.. just make sure you’re not seen by non mahram ya.. 😉 )

See ya..

May Allah strengthen our iman to not compromise but to THRIVE! Amin..


ps: Don’t say it’s difficult to do, just do it! No excuses allowed please.. (hiya.. don’t get me wrong, don’t curl your eyebrow, I’m only talking to my self).

Forgot something….!!

Thanks Hun!! *_^


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