How we deal with kids, especially the little ones in day to day lives

If you wonder how I work with the baby when I don’t have my Honey around or Mimi or others to help?

This is my tips of how I always do it:
Klo ngk dipangku, bobo ditangan, masak sambil gendong, keliling sama stroller, atau main dilantai disamping dimana saya kerja.

I also have 1 big tips from Honey when I first have to deal having 2 kids, I call him Baby whisperer, coz he easily deal with baby n toddler while he’s working (I guess that is a gift for him):
1. Make sure whatever I’m doing, I can always see them (out of sight, out of mind also to prevent accident).
2. If you have to do things/work and needing free hands, put them all in the same room with you and provide them with activities.
3. Make sure to give each kids special mommy and kid and for the youngest in the family, make sure it has to be done in the morning before the elder siblings to set their mood for the day so they think they have mommy for them (for each of them every single day, imagine mine is 6!, haha.. but of course its possible, coz we’re doing it *_^)
4. Remove all dangerous possible stuff around the little ones
5. Take a break before you explode! your kids is MORE IMPORTANT than anything else that you’re doing! (we’re praying with baby n toddler around us or lay down on the praying mat).

By keeping the baby/toddler close all the time I don’t have to worry about their safety, n the kids will grow up getting used to the way we as a family live our life. And they will always have my attention anytime.

It’s not only me who’s dealing with the kids and little ones in our family. Everybody is participating to look after each other, AGE WISE.

Sejak kecil, semua anak-anak dikeluarga kami, diajarkan untuk bagaimana menjaga adik-adiknya, mengganti popok, termasuk bantu memandikan, sampai mengajarkan adik-adiknya pengetahuan misal membaca, berhitung, dan lain-lain. Nobody feel less being loved because of we’re such a big family and if you think I as a mother don’t spend enough time with the kids because of the work and responsibilities other than being a mom that I carry.

Everything has to be pass on. Everybody in our family must have all the skills needed to survive as a person and to excel as the slave of Allah.

It’s not always easy, in fact its hard works but it’s pleasurable and rewarding indeed ^_^

By the way, even if it’s hard works, so what? Would it matter if you compare to the benefit and joy you will get to cherish the times of your little ones that will fly away so fast, that you think you just poop that baby out and he suddenly all over the place making a mess already? nothing is gonna be taken away from me. So what if we have less time to socialize, so what if I have dirty floor because I only sweep them once a day, so what if I don’t take a bath 2 times a day (I take a bath once a day only!, that is if I’m in town, ho ho ho..!)

We’re here on earth to spread goodness and make our path traceable for your family then others (if you manage).
We’re here to dig and collect as much as good deeds for our saving for akhirah.

We’re as a family lovingly and willingly to carry the little ones in our day to day lives, regardless how heavy they sometimes can be (you can imagine carrying toddler on your back and baby on the front, I bet some of you know what I’m talking about!). They are the seeds of our future, how can we not caring and nurture them close to our heart (physically, our little ones pada nemplek di dadanya mommy, mimi n daddy or the brothers n sisters).

From us all :
Mommy, Mimi, Honey, Zakariya, Yusuf, Yasmeen, Zahra, Anny, Hasna & Adam

ps: I forgot what I was about to say, hahaha.. OMG! I’m ridiculous! (but trust me, it was something funny!, when I manage to remember it, I will post it below πŸ˜‰

mommy n adam mimi n kids mommy n anny mommy n adam2 zak n anny anny n zak

kid2 kid3 kid4 kid5 kid6 kid7 kid8 kid9 kid10

mimi n sheepkid1


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