How To Get Organized Daily For Working Mom

I’ve got a lot of questions since many-many years ago on how to get things done. I do get things done, but I’m not perfect (I wish I can get more things done).

You should notice on my confessions first before you continue reading:

  • I don’t always get all things done
  • Sometimes things do get out of controlled when I’m ignoring/choosing not to pay attention to keep updating my to do list/journaling where I put my external brain.
  • I sometimes get upset and going to blaming myself mode because I messed up then I forgive myself again.
  • As soon as I know I fell of the wagon, I get up and chase the wagon and riding it again.
  • I used to often time let people disturbing me with their own agenda then I got carried away and leaving my own agenda (I learn to say No).
  • I never give up!

Getting Organized is always an issue in my life, but in our family life, it’s a challenge and lucky me having a husband who always strive to make the family to be highly effective by organizing our life especially teaching me to get organize my self. You can say, I’m an organized wanting to be junkie, haha! I’m not organized yet, but I loveee to learn to be more organized. I have countless schedules since we get married. And usually, as soon as we have changed of family rhythm, all schedules, changed too! I can almost say that I make schedule just as much as I make meal plan!

I can’t Imagine how my life would be if I don’t organize myself? @_@ that would be a total disaster! BIG onE! Imagine this when I’m not organized:

  • Spending time every morning, thinking what to cook for breakfast, lunch n dinner
  • Spending time to go to the market because I don’t have the ingredients to cook
  • Spending time looking for kids clothes, because the cabinet is just stuffy and I can’t easily pull each of the kids clothes and know where to look for anytime I need it.
  • Spending time getting all the book, homeschool stuff before we study because I don’t have a special place for everything.
  • I ended up forgetting some stuff I have to buy, when I go to groceries store because I don’t have my running shopping list categorized by stores
  • Spending more time and stress because I have to pay bills that is overdue
  • Sitting on the table in the morning thinking what I should do today
  • Kids running around when I have to leave them to work downstairs because I’m don’t know what they suppose to do
  • Rushing making meal and ended up not pleasant food because I suddenly remember, OMG, its time to make Lunch already.
  • Eating crap food for dinner because I’m to lazy to make something, because I don’t have stuff that I need.
  • And the list goes on and on and on…

And that is not the worse part, that is just the side if my personal life is not organized!, what about my work life/business life? Total chaos! And Imagine if both side of my life are not organized all together? Or if I only choose to organize my personal life and not my business life? That is not gonna be sweet for real.. not even close to bitter sweet my dear!

It might be daunting to get organized for the first time, especially if you not an organized person or if you never do any organizing. I can really understand it can be super daunting! And not to mention if you already have piles of problems of not being organized for a long time..

Now Bear With Me ;-), this is what you should do step by step to get organized:

  • Create a master to do list, how to do it? Write all the things down, take 30 minutes to really think what are you planning, what you forgot to do yesterday, what was hanging in your mind, what do you want to google, where do you want to go, etc. Just write down everything. Now are you done yet?
  • Read your list and think what tasks that you will never do, and cross it out.
  • Categorize them! ; If you are like me, having a scattered brain @_@, then you know what I’m talking about! Seriously! I can’t see task/to do list in a long row, I won’t do it! Or I will procrastinate to do it! So, grab another piece of paper, make a category fits with your life. This is my example: GMS operational, Personal, Honey/Farm, Blogging, Product Development, Website, Running To do. So what you do is, you put each of your tasks from the master to do list into the specific categories. And note that Running to do for me is all to do lists that I can’t put schedule yet or I can’t put effort or time into it but I don’t want to forget about it, because its important and I want to tackle it sometime in near future.
  • Create a workflow or a schedule, this is where the magic happen. Put all your list from your categories in to your daily, weekly, monthly schedule or even yearly schedule.
  • Create a routine list for both home & work

Tips to get things done (this is why the real deal can happen):

  • In the morning: Don’t open wa, or anything that connect your with outside world! No fb, no wa, no sms, no instagram, no EMAIL! Get your stuff done first!
  • Don’t procrastinate, Do the hardest things in the list first, so you can get it out of the way.
  • Always remember to get back to your notebook/to do list or table, to check what’s to do next
  • No Fail attitude! No excuses not to do!
  • Make sure before you go to bed at night, you write your to do list for tomorrow including meal planning! (meal planning can make you waste your time in the kitchen and messed up your whole day and your family won’t eat nutritious food because you fail to plan!)
  • Delegate your work but do supervise them (if you have this option)

I tried so many ways of getting organized, from apps (I’m not good at it, I love writing physically), I also try writing with specific kind of notebook, I make some that I share with you, but still until now, I’m finding ways how to make myself more organized.

These are ways of getting myself organized that I tried for many years, where each of them have strength and things that fit with my needs:

  • Simple hourly schedule for each of the family members
  • Household binder
  • Household binder and Work Binder
  • Household binder and work binder and notebook and shopping list
  • Adding 1 day to do list page to number 4 modified from Franklin Covey Organizer
  • Post o notes on the laptop only what to do at that particular time
  • Reminder on the phone for meetings, events only (I don’t like living on the phone!)
  • Bullet journal for day in and out and everywhere(only checking organizing help on number 4 & 5 when I need)
  • Bullet journal modified with Planner Pad, with shopping list and daily schedule all integrated in 1 normal size book (I’m still thinking to modified it because I’m the person who’s procrastinate when I have to dig, “Out of Sight Out of Mind”, I get distracted then BOOM!, I can forget what to do next).
planner pad organizer
My Improvised Bullet Journal

Until today, I’m still struggling, YES, I am STRUGGLING to simplify my workflow into only maximum 1 binder with categories in it for personal life and business that I’ve been using for a while and 1 Modified Bullet Journal book. But I’m still wondering what am I gonna do with my running project papers, ideas, etc. I’ve been using hanging files folder for running project for many years now, but I’m still not satisfied, but then again, I jot down my ideas, here and everywhere, so I need to have them all more streamlined. I try to keep it as simple as possible but easy for me to remember what, when, where and what’s next to do.

I’ll keep you posted on how am I doing with the current system.

Happy Organized Monday!                                                                                         



One thought on “How To Get Organized Daily For Working Mom

  1. Thank you very much for the tips, Ma’am. I literally noted them all (the tips) on a piece of paper and stick it out on the wall beside my bed. Hope I can do my daily things to be done much better starting tomorrow. 😉

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