My Homestead Daily Schedule

Finally the rain is hereeee….!!!

I stop blogging for almost 2 months now. I don’t know about you girls, but I miss to share with you..
I’ve been staying on the farm for as long as I don’t blog. Usually, there are so many things to do in our homestead, during the rainy season. such as trees to plant out, crop to start, extending the food forest project and infrastructure building on farm still on the list too.

Living a homestead life is definitely very different than living in the city, BUT,the big picture is actually the same (I’m talking about as a mom).

My daily life looks like this (in case any of you are wondering how can we get more things done) :
3.15 : my alarm make noise
3.30 : I’m already off to the kitchen to make tea to accompany our morning wird in masjid, then put bread in the oven (if we have bread for breakfast), and while waiting for water to boil, I will start preparing stuff to cook for breakfast. Usually I will have Zak to help me peeling garlic, onion, potatoes (he now can do that with knife, yeay! (the kids usually do that, hand peel, except potatoes of course). Then if Adam is cranky, I won’t pray together, instead I will have him on my back while I continue making breakfast (Adam is mostly stay on my back during the day, except for the works that he is not comfortably being on the carrier).
5.30 : Start Laundry, take veggies from the garden for raw salad
6.00 : Breakfast n make dough for next morning bread or prepare dough for tea time snack
6.30 : Hang Laundry in the Laundry Green House (yes! we’re a big family, we need our own drying place to make it easy to dry the clothes during the rainy season)
6.50 : Get ready to do hard work usually food forest gardening
7.00 : Start working
10.00: Start preparing snack n taking veggies for raw salad n prep lunch
11.00: Lunch time
11.30: Resting with Kids, I usually fold clothes with them, do teaching reading with the little ones, supervise kids doing their self study on free time or just listening to their mumbling n stories.
12.00: Dzuhr in masjid
12.30: Continue resting time with kids n do small chores
14.00: Family tea time in masjid (chit chat or watch documentaries or new lessons)
15.00: Asr in masjid
15.30: Start afternoon chores, sometimes I go back to do food forest work
17.00: Dinner, no preparation, we only eat like fruits mostly or make quick dinner like soup when it’s cold outside
17.30: Magrib in Masjid till Isha time
19.00: Tea time when it’s cold n check things around before going to my cocoon (any house I’m residing)
19.15: Reading/Study time wt kids n my own
20.30: Time to sleep….. ^_^

If you wonder if Homesteading in tiring? Maybe it is at the beginning, that is when you are not get used to it (it’s NORMAL!)..But along the road, you will find ways to strive, to be able to manage things and to make yourself fit n healthy and HAPPY! so you can do all the things you need and you want to do.

If you wonder if homesteading is a non stop work, yes it is.. It’s like being a mother, being alive and putting all your responsibility to yourself and that you rely on Allah 100%. You will really feel Allah’s hands is in everything you do (I’m not talking about that right now you are not depending on Allah), but how often when we are to busy with our modern life, we loose touch we loose the feeling of so many barakah that we received in our lives and countless of Allah’s help in our 24 hours that will make sure our life continue but we feel that its an automatic things we will get from time to time and we’re going heedless most of the times.

Let me give you an example:
City life: When its raining, thundering and very windy, we quickly take share in the house, turn the tv on, or start browsing and reading with hot tea and snacks on the side. And when the rain is over, we go outside and the kids finally relieve, time to play coz it’s kinda boring just staying in the house while its raining hard and we continue doing what ever we were doing before. But We forgot to think of other reality, like there might be flooded where there farmers plant our rice, or the road is blocked by the trees then we wait for city workers to clean up still we whine about things are not like “normal because of some nuisance happen which is not nuisance but just life”. It’s not you to blame, because city life is isolated, disconnected with all things that make life happen. Now you know what I’m talking about ๐Ÿ˜‰

Homestead life: when it started to rain, we shout to each other “It’s gonna be raining!!! Check if there’s anything that shouldn’t be out in the rain!!”, “Check the animals gate!”, then we all get in our house to take shade and make dua, that this rain will not damage whatever we’re doing, like the seeds we just planted to not be flushed away, or the prepared bed to not be destroyed, or our baby animals will not get to cold and get sick, because sometimes they do get sick and die. And that the rain will provide us with abundance of water for our needs. And while waiting for the rain to stop, we catch up with indoor tasks include spent time with the little ones, hugging n cuddling them, this is a real intensive family time alhamdulillah. In a way, the kids love raining, because they know for sure they got to do things n be with mommy n get our full attention and its time for me n my co wives to catch up on things n have chit chat time ๐Ÿ˜› what a blessings indeed! And thenn,.. after the rain stops, we quickly go and check around the farm, to see if anything damage, any animals get hurt, etc, and see if anything need to be fix right away or can wait for tommorow and at the same time, we’re grateful that we’re still surviving and bless with this abundance. Being out in nature, you can feel each of the move you do (literally) is affected by the mercy of Allah. From either your seeds will germinate, having good or bad harvest, having enough water till the next rainy season comes or not including whether you can get up tomorrow morning to make breakfast to feed your family or you’re too sick to get off the bed (because there’s no food delivery or restaurant to send your son to buy some meal for the family).

Be careful with how we live our life and be a good servant of Allah
Since Our life is on Allah’s Mercy only!

Anyway, Homestead is the way to go, either you’re in a city or somewhere in the deep forest! ^_^ (that’s my actual expression as I’m writing this post!)
Don’t be gloomy, as life will throw you around and what you can only change to make life better is your attitude – Naseehah from our Honey Bunny Sweety aka Green Dad





3 thoughts on “My Homestead Daily Schedule

      1. Anyway mbak tinggal dimana sekarang?? Aku sm calon pasangan lg nbung nih biar pas nikah bs kebeli sedikit tanah di sebuah desa di magelang.. impian banget deh bisa tinggal disana dan mulai hidup sederhana ๐Ÿ™‚

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