Reflection & Revivify Journal

From all the years of being in this dunya and experiencing moments of Ramadan is coming, this year I’ve been blessed alhamdulillah of realizing in having the feeling of more lacking in many things. From lacking of the sacred knowledge to lacking of struggle including lacking of connectedness.

It’s not something I’m proud about. But it a realisation of facts. I will never know when I will depart and move into the other world. I will never know whether I can feel the blessings of Ramadan for the next 10 years or not. And I should take into account that each second of my life should be second added to love of Allah SWT, second walking closer to Him, second added to the love of the Messanger of Allah pbuh, second of adding to obedience, not second of departing from Him SWT.

Some may have the blessings “not luck!” to sort their lives and get it together and have a clean path from the day they were born and being guarded of their lives from sinning or distraction from Allah SWT, but for most of us, that’s not the case, and neither do I. Some came to reflection when they are young (May Allah preserve you all), and some came on and off and some came later in life and some may never come to reflect. May Allah show mercy on all of our souls. Where ever we are at this point, if you are reading this, do realize we have time limit.

Allah is Love

For most of us women
Either you are a mom
a wife or both
a sister wife or wives
a daughter
a sister
a lady boss

We all share the same common things
We all want more connectedness to Allah SWT in Ramadan and everyday
We all want more of growing stronger iman
Most of us always need extra & constant reminder as well extra & constant exercise
but how many of us get the chance to actually do it?
or in the worse care
to get a chance to remember that we forget about it and we know we remember that we don’t forget we need to work on it?

Writting things down
those are easy

The real things that will change us is that we actually doing things the smart way to get closer to Him SWT.

I do find struggles in keeping things on track.
One day I find my self super motivated to keep my morning reading surah Yaseen, Afternoon al-Waqiah & Night al-Mulk and distraction came and I drop one at the time and I get carried away with days and thinking those are having higher priorities then I feel disappointed with my self as I found that’s just excuses in my opinion.

Another day I have all my beautifully calculated realistic (I think) spiritual struggles align with my responsibilities and I think I finally get it to work, and sometime to the future that failed again.

Things pretty much roll out like that in the life of a wife, a mother, a sister wife, a daughter including someone like me, another Boss Lady (praying to be as close as Khadijah RA) who’s having many hats too, just like most modern women. And the downside is, we get tangled in the day in and day out and thinking one day soon, we will sort it out and we think time will show us how we will sort it out. But the reality is not. At least not for me.

Day by day, no matter how organised and pretty much handling my life I think I am, I’m not handling my life at all. I’m not handling my life journeying to Allah SWT in a good way. I even am scattered all over the place. Things just doesn’t look good.

So here I am, sorting what need to be mend, what need to be replace, what need to cherish more and what need to push harder and need to learn more.


This journal is about reflecting upon my self especially this Ramadan
and praying that Allah will have mercy on my soul and help me to improve the area of life especially my connection with Allah SWT to mended if its broken, to grow more fertile if its barren and if only barely managing.

This journal is divided into 4 weeks covering 30 days of reflection in Ramadan. And in each week there are area of spiritual life that we will choose and put intention to work on, making our own actionable plan that’s realistic with our available time and to push ourself a bit more to go out of our comfort zone to be able to break from our condition that’s not serving us for as long as before this intention. And not only that, we will really look into it and feeling it, how does it make us feel at the moment, and how we will feel when we have improvement. Picturing the future is one of good way of motivating ourself and keep us motivated.

This idea of “The Wheel of Life’ is not my invention. I’ve learn it from Tony Robbins. That I can apply it into any area of my life that needs more attention and special for this Ramadan, what can be better of to work on my spiritual area of life.

After analysing and making the actionable steps, we then will go to each week, doing the actionable things and reflecting on how things go daily during the week like magnifying our spiritual journey in this transformation. And to keep working towards the goal. At the end of the week, we will look into what have been done, how we feel about our journey, and what to work on the following week.

I provide space of our heart pouring gratitude, winning and hilarious whining journey for each of the week.

Include in this journal, are:
Dua section that you are freely to navigate according to your needs and style. As well section of sermon or lesson during Ramadan that you want to take notes.
Section of Quran study
Section of Quran writting
Realistic schedule (you fill it in!)
and Additional extra ibadah space that you can crafted yourself

This journal may have lots of flaws
but I attempt to strive on struggling inshaAllah

If you are willing to try this Journal feel free to email me @ or send wa/telegram to 081235532008
The Journal is only available in printed form and I printed on demand only to prevent waste InshaAllah.
Oh and by the way, you can choose it either ring bound or not (If I say it correct term, I hope). ^_^
and May Allah guide us all and have mercy on our souls this Ramadan

ps: you can find this Journal detail in this link Green Mommy Shop April Newsletter

Below are sneak peak of some of the pages


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