Truly Green Ramadan: Mulailah Dari Yang Mudah

This year I’m not planning to make Ramadan poster with reminder on how to have a practical Green or Zero Waste Ramadan, or tutorial, or such.

I want something different for this Ramadan, something special that won’t burn me out  (everything I made was special in its time) I’m not saying it wasn’t special before, its just my soul grow and I believe yours too. Otherwise we need to start worrying about the state of our soul. Because for sure it can die much like our not eternal body. Our soul can die too.

This Ramadan, I want to be more mindfully, I want to do less, I want to feel lighter but more connectedness.

So I make for you, for me as well (for sure!), a set of 30 days cards or poster if you see it that way for 29 days of Ramadan or 30 days of it. One plus card will only expand our heart rite? With the purpose, that it will make our consciousness of this Ramadan in relation to living mindfully Green, living our truth “the green truth” is more pronounced. That we’re aware of what we’re doing, and that we’re not racing like a rat race and we’re feeling what we’re feeling with this effort of living green and to accept our feeling.

Let’s start this Ramadan with lighter feeling
Let’s take simple step that:
we’re aware of
we know we most likely will stick with it
and loving it!

I know it’s not gonna be easy for some of you
But start somewhere
somewhere simple
somewhere that is lighter for you to start

So Today message is: Start with Something Easy “Mulailah dari yang Mudah” 
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-16 at 8.21.25 PM


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