Home Education

Here is a glimpse of our Homestudy anywhere we can, either in our Eco Farm or down in our City House.

Click here for our day to day rumbling on the Learning Journey

Click here for our homeschool/study room updates

Click here for our kids story making

Below are categories I can make at the moment, based on our learning journey, but our kids haven’t reach Senior High yet and technically, we won’t make him do that simply because his main interest and our best interest are to make him educated with the most useful knowledge that are both most useful, practical as well what he loves. The eldest unschooler/homeschooler in our family is at Junior High stage (we’re somewhere in between, so I’m sorry for using both term unschooling and homeschooling interchangeably).

1. Toddler
2. Preschool
2. Kindergarden
4. 1st Grade
5. 2nd Grade
6. 3rd Grade
7. 4th Grade
8. 5th Grade
9. 6th Grade
10. Junior High
11. Senior High
12. Teaching Reading (English)
13. Alternatif to plastic toys
14. Teaching kids sustainable life
15. Islamic Lessons (basic) for mindful student (age 8 and up)



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