Concerned about how the world is and how far we are as women to take real action toward sustainability, I decided to share our family ‘s journey into sustainable life. In this blog you will see many different topics, tips, recipe & how to, that actually connected from one another because they all are related to woman and mothering and us as part of society in relation to live a better life inshaAllah.ย 

Hai, my name is Deasi Srihandi, people know me as Green Mommy from Indonesia, but I called my self Messy Green Mommy instead. Because of how messy things can be when I’m less organized :-). I’m a mommy 6, Alhamdulillah. We homeschooled our kids, and we’re now currently living of the land in our Eco Farm called Dusun Medinah up on a mountain in Malang. We have moved to our Farm in November 2013 (almost 5 years ago, MashaAllah!), after we bought the land early in 2012. I’m a proudly happy sister wive (that’s another side of our family life), having Mimi in my life is one of rarest blessings for me.

I’m not capable to articulate my mother tongue language “Indonesian” well enough to be able to write as grammatically correct as possible as well to speak beautifully with it, and the worse part is, my English also sucks! I’m day to day communicating in Messy English, Indonesian, Javanese and Manadonese Language. Well that depend on where I stay, when I’m in GMS then I’m speaking Manadonese-Java-Indonesian and tiny portion of English. But when I’m back as Mountainers, I’m switching to mainly English-Java-Indonesia. So please pardon my language. Sometimes you will find me writing article in Indonesian and sometimes in English and in odd times, I write it in Manado slank. How could that happen? Believe it or not, I write from my heart and the language just flow as it is, of course, when it goes trough my brain “the language part” it tries to articulate to the most natural way of how I feel the message can be understood, mostly for me, then you. So now you know the mystery behind my language difficulties. Sounds terrible!

At the moment, we are still building the Eco Farm to be able to have the whole family living sustainable. Thanks to Allah that I have my honey, he’s always been the greatest support, caretaker, loving hands, teacher in all knowledge of life, mind reader, watching my back all the time including, and my doula too ๐Ÿ™‚ yes! he help me trough delivering of our kids like a doula. What could be more perfect than having your husband as your doula ;-), we as a family, can’t reach this stage of lifestyle if its not because of him. He literally will and do drag us all to be able to build this life. I can tell you for sure that I’m not a perfect mom, sister, sister’s wife, friend, or even wive. I have so many ups and downs and flaws. But everyday, I’m doing something either trough struggle or easiness to be a better servant of Allah. It’s always messy here in our land, especially at this stage of development, and somehow, it is messy here in my head too ๐Ÿ™‚ but I am very grateful for each of the blessings that Allah give to our family and I cherish that everyday. Those beautiful blessings carry me in my mind, lifting my burden, lifting the smile when I feel down to go through my life. As I have you my dear friends out there. Thanks for all your support and prayers, until we reach this stage in our life. To make our dream come true, to have a more sustainable life.

I know some people don’t like us, and some people are best friends to us to this very moment of our journey. Whatever you might be. You make my life very colorful ๐Ÿ™‚

From my emergency messy kitchen “version 5”


ps: You will find my journey, my complaints, my whining, laugh, embarassing moments, that I call Life.

pps: I just started this blog back in 2014, because our life has expanded so much from living in the city and moving to living a homestead life in the mountain jungle. You can read our family’s journey toward sustainability and living in the city since 2010 in http://greenmommyshop.wordpress.comย  under sectionย  “Diary Green Mommy”

If you are more than curious about how we live our lives, you can drop me a message at


This is what happen when my heart and mind twisted, go ahead and click this “My Humbble Confessions”

This is my honey piece of mind “Life Distorted”



6 thoughts on “About

  1. assalammualaikum (maaf saya bukan muslim, jadi bisa salah dalam penulisan) ,

    mbak dan sekeluarga salam hangat dari saya rico siahaan. saya tidak percaya homesteading ada yang praktik di Indonesia, sebenernya homesteading bukan hal baru, tapi mbak dan sekeluarga bisa saya katakan yang menggerakkan pertama disini. saya ingin sekali berkunjung, bilamana diizinkan? saya memang berniat untuk homesteading, tapi belum banyak keberanian. mungkin kunjungan saya bisa menjadi pencerahaan untuk niat saya…
    ini email saya, ricosiahaan87@gmail.com
    kalau mbak tidak keberatan meneria tamu orang asing, saya akan berterima kasih.


    rico siahaan

    1. Walaikumsalam pak Rico,
      Terima kasih sudah mampir.

      Emang iya, homestead itu sudah ada beberapa ratus tahun yang lalu, atau ya begitulah cara hidup manusia beberapa ratus tahun terakhir, kecuali mulai jaman civilization n modernisasi (sekitar 100tahun terakhir ini).

      Nanti bapak saya hubungi via email ya..

      Homestead kami terbuka untuk siapa saja, nanti bisa janjian waktunya untuk main ke mountain homestead kami ๐Ÿ™‚

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