Reflection & Revivify Journal

From all the years of being in this dunya and experiencing moments of Ramadan is coming, this year I've been blessed alhamdulillah of realizing in having the feeling of more lacking in many things. From lacking of the sacred knowledge to lacking of struggle including lacking of connectedness. It's not something I'm proud about. But [...]


Sanity vs Technology

Project: Doing right because of love that donโ€™t drive us crazy I was actually putting the project I've thinking about through out this month intensively as a blog post tittle and suddenly the other eye catching tittle, pop out of my brain, and of course, I want you to read it, so yeah, that's the [...]

More Realistic Ramadan Preparation 2018

If its not because of seeing mb Shanty post on Instagram, of welcoming Ramadan, will I remember preparing making plan for my journey, my family and everything else in between. Allah does reminded us in His special way. Its not that I've forgotten that Ramadan is coming. We as a family constantly making plan way [...]